Downloading video and audio.

jean-anna, Jan 3, 7:27am
Downloading video and audio. I am having a go at doing this. But seems very slow. Test says my Internet connection is 2192 kps dowload. Yet what I'm downloading says it's downloading at 8kps. Why the difference? It also says it has uploaded 1.12 MB but as far as I know I'm not uploading anything. Why would it say this?

lostdude, Jan 3, 7:29am
Torrent? If you're downloading through torrents then you will ALWAYS be uploading at the same time.

kevin16, Jan 3, 7:29am
Every time you 'request' a page you upload, when the page has downloaded it tells the server,..

oscarnz, Jan 3, 7:30am
If torrent or p2p download speeds are dependant on the computer at the other end also

jean-anna, Jan 3, 7:31am
okay thanks. Just concerned it might have been spying on my computer or something.

jean-anna, Jan 3, 7:32am
Yes torrent. But it's a new world for me.

jean-anna, Jan 3, 7:44am
Can some one tell me. It is audio not video I'm downloading. It says on the site I'm downloading form "34 x 30 minute episodes - 128Kbps - Mp3 - Slimoo - Thanks to CMOTDibber:. Why does it say 128kbps when it is only downloading at my end at 6kps?

r.g.nixon, Jan 3, 7:52am
The 128kbps is the QUALITY of the MP3 (the rate at which the audio was sampled from analog to digital)

jean-anna, Jan 3, 9:03am
Downloading Thanks. What speed does stuff download for other people here?

lostdude, Jan 3, 9:05am
Torrent speed depends on seeders/leechers ratio.

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