any good clues as to why a VGA out port

olack, Jan 3, 10:10am
Any good clues as to why a VGA out port on a graphics card is not working and the DVI port is working. AGP X8 card. Some of the tiny chips on the card seem to be "frosted" and I have tried cleaning them and that has not helped, tho it may have, but the same result. I have the VGA card installed and using the DVI out port in a W98 PC at the moment with the manufacturers drivers installed.

olack, Jan 3, 10:24am
Maybe someone has a good trick to try to have the VGA out port on the card to recover...

richms, Jan 3, 10:25am
The cable may not be fully wired so the card doesnt detect the monitor, so only the primary port activates

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