Laptop and Microsoft Activation

Laptop and Microsoft Activation My ACER has suddenly required me to activate Microsoft. After about five months from the last rebuild. I have tried loading the codes with the original software 0 zilch! Tried registration and skip registration. No success. Starting to think the rebuild shop used a different version - ie not my discs.
Obviously, I will have to go back but, as it is Sunday, I wonder if anyone has struck this and has a solution that avoids waiting for the workshop to reopen?

geek_footplate1, Jan 4, 7:22 am

Have You Tried the phone option ????

geek_pcfix4u, Jan 4, 7:32 am

Yes but it is a New Zealand number and it's the weekend.

geek_footplate1, Jan 4, 7:39 am

Try this Number 0800 676 334

geek_pcfix4u, Jan 4, 8:14 am

Thank you That worked!

Having an issue with AVG not recognising me but will go through an uninstall/reinstall.

Help has been much appreciated.


geek_footplate1, Jan 4, 8:41 am

You are welcome try avast antivirus free.

geek_pcfix4u, Jan 4, 9:24 am

Footplate1 Yep some programs do that, Yep un-install and re-install avg will fix that, Great program

geek_swivel, Jan 4, 9:38 am

'the weekend' Doesn't matter. The system is automated, you dial a big string of numbers into your phone, and a computer voice reads back a different string of numbers which you type into windows.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 4, 9:48 am

All advice much appreciated System seems to be OK again. May even be faster than before! The laptop is my secondary/travel device but is sometimes used downstairs for social (ie sitting with my wife) reasons. Trying to postpone the day when I must buy a new and lighter model. Having just read about the Mumbai and Bangalore help desks, I was interested in the discussion.

geek_footplate1, Jan 4, 11:58 am