Networking 2 Gigabit Nic's

lyndon.craw, Jan 3, 8:53pm
Networking 2 Gigabit Nic's I have 2 media computers with gigabit nics and the rest of the network is 100Mb. I don't really want to buy a gigabit switch yet so I was thinking of connecting the 2 media comps with a crossover cable(gigabit) and installing a 100Mb nic in one of the media comps (for the rest of the network including internet) and bridging the two nics in that one, will this work? Will bridging a gigabit and 100Mb nic take the speed down to 100Mb on the gigabit network? Thanks.

executor1, Jan 3, 9:05pm
What will happen is that the Gigabit Card connected to the 10/100 network, will lower it's speed to that 10 or 100 mbits depending on the rest of the network.

lyndon.craw, Jan 3, 9:08pm
Remember.. that the 1000Mb and 100Mb Nics are bridged in the computer not connected via cable.

cybertao, Jan 3, 9:10pm
Yes, that will work as you intend.

executor1, Jan 3, 9:10pm
not sure about bridging, but you do not need to add another NIC to bring the speed down, just connect to a lower speed network.

cybertao, Jan 3, 9:31pm
How would he connect a single gigabit port to another gigabit port, and a megabit port, without a gigabit router?

kane199, Jan 3, 10:52pm
:She said, crossover between the two gbit machines, then a 3rd network card (100mbit) to connect to the existing network

fred68, Jan 3, 11:31pm
Whats the point.. You can buy a small domestic 10/100/1000 switch for $60...

kane199, Jan 3, 11:39pm
Wish i had $60 to throw towards a gigabit switch

hasbeana, Jan 3, 11:43pm
Lol you can just plug the cable into the mbit switch and it will just deliver 100mbit

hasbeana, Jan 3, 11:44pm
Ohh yeah if you got 2 nics on one motherboard you can just bridge it. have one going to the other server n come cat6 and the other one going to your 100mb switch/hub w.e

lyndon.craw, Jan 4, 1:11am
Thanks guys I don't see much point in buying another switch when I only want (at this point)a quick connection between the two and I have a spare nic lying around :)

pcmaster, Jan 4, 2:56am
The overall network speed will slow down to match the speed of the slowest thing on the network.

richms, Jan 4, 3:00am
It will work, but I have not had DHCP work via 2 bridged cards in windows reliably.

Also you need a straight thru cable between gig nics, they are all autosense and a crossover will usually end up giving you 100 meg only since gig doesnt have the idea of transmit and recieve pairs like 100 and 10 base do.

And cat-5 is all you need. there is no reason to buy cat-6 other then to feel good that you have futureproofed yourself for something that doesnt exist.

cybertao, Jan 4, 3:05am
Really? You can get away with cat5? I assume that's over short distances, as opposed to the 90m cat6 allows for.

richms, Jan 4, 3:17am
cat-5e which is all you get now anyway will take gigabit to 100m - I have had a 140m link that worked without incident so it appears to have the typical overengereered nature of those specs.

It takes cat-6a for 10gig networking to work, and I have not seen that for sale anywhere yet, and I dont see a need for those data volumes in the near future around the house so there is little point in getting it. It may work on plain cat-6 cable but till I can pick a 10 gig nic up at a computer shop and a switch then its all academic for home use anyway.

cybertao, Jan 4, 3:41am
That's cool. Have you done any extensive testing, other than to see it works? Just wondering if you get the full speed, or if some packets need to be re-sent.

cybertao, Jan 4, 3:42am
Heck, my motherboard has two Gigabit NIC's, I'll plug my longest cable into both and check it out.

richms, Jan 4, 3:44am
the 140m one was to a dumb switch so no on that one. The gig links in the house which were all on cat5e were showing stuff all errors and getting a good rate. Seen more errors on 100 base-t running on electrican installed cables.

cybertao, Jan 4, 3:56am
You seem to be a very clever and nice person, rich It's nice having you around here.

lostdude, Jan 4, 4:35am
Using CAT5e cut my network bandwidth in half to 500Mb instead of 1Gb. Using CAT6 granted full duplex 1Gb on my Gb LAN.

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