wiring up new phone jack in house....

ply-boy, Jan 3, 9:19pm
Wiring up new phone jack in houseHey guys, wanting to wire up another phone jack in my place, there is 1 jack in the lounge, and no moreI want to hook into that I suppose and put another at the other end of the house in the bedroom...

Pretty much, What do I buy? and how to I hook into the old jack??

TIA : )

little_egypt, Jan 3, 9:30pm
DSE have a kit Comes with everything you need including instructions. It's pretty easy.

intrade, Jan 3, 9:33pm
Depends on what house it is....its done the same way as a lan cable only more easy it only has 2 wires

pdh, Jan 3, 10:03pm
If...your existing jackpoint is a 3-wire jackpoint then you will need to replace that one as well as all new jackpoints are 2-wire. You will know if you existing jackpoint is a 2-wire as it will have a "2" on the front of it. If it doesn't then it will be a 3-wire jackpoint.

pdh, Jan 3, 10:05pm
I...should have read the link given in the post before mine. It explains it all.

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