Uninstall when unistall files are missing

lizzie331, Jan 3, 9:02pm
Uninstall when unistall files are missing Does anyone know how to remove Spybot when the unistall file does not work - message I am getting is that a file is missing. Unable to remove it through Control panel/add.remove programmes/remove.

drcspy, Jan 3, 9:16pm
That kinda problem..........is usually fixed by reinstalling and then uninstalling the program

little_egypt, Jan 3, 9:24pm
Windows Powertools has something for 'unregistering' a program, cleaning out start menu and registry entries etc, but like drcspy says the easiest way is to reinstall the program properly and then un-install it.

deodar, Jan 4, 2:32am
An app called"My Uninstaller" is free & takes out anything.

eventpro, Jan 4, 2:38am
Revo Uninstaller I had exactly the same problem with an old version of Vodafone Mobile Connect. Revo ripped every last trace of the little sucker outand it's free.

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