Searching on Google for expired listings.

mizp, Jan 3, 9:25pm
Searching on Google for expired listings. Does anyone know the search string you can use on Google to find old trade Me listings? I can't remember how to do it. I won the auction, it's a couple of years ago now and the listing title was 'sgrafo modern' (it is a white porcelain heron). The seller didn't leave FB which is why I am looking for it in Google. TIA for any help you can give.

intrade, Jan 3, 9:28pm
That?<br />

swivel, Jan 3, 9:29pm

intrade, Jan 3, 9:30pm
Google wont find old listings unless they are still on the server of tradme....

little_egypt, Jan 3, 9:36pm
I'd search for "sgrafo modern mizp" But it's not on google and it's not on wayback. I think it's gone forever..

woody1946, Jan 3, 9:47pm
Try this

woody1946, Jan 3, 9:50pm
Sorry type in search box

little_egypt, Jan 3, 9:51pm
Woody "..and it's not on wayback" -- I already checked ;)

little_egypt, Jan 3, 10:01pm
Actually it might be wayback has fairly limited search capability, and it might have been archived without the buyer's name. I guess it might still be on there somewhere.

woody1946, Jan 3, 10:04pm
Little egypt did"t check myself,but always a good place to start Fantastic site do you agree?

cybertao, Jan 3, 10:22pm
You can search a domain with google adding "" to your google search will limit searches to only trademe. Doubt you'll have any luck finding an auction from years ago, google is not an archive that stores old links forever. Can you recall the traders name? Why can't you browse the feedback of the account that won the auction?

mizp, Jan 3, 10:37pm
Thats what I meant cybertao, I have tried putting + sgrafo modern but no luck there - have I got the string wrong? The seller didn't leave FB on me for the sale, so I can't get it back from there :-( No luck with the other links I'm afraid, I am looking for an ornament of a Heron.

mizp, Jan 3, 10:41pm
OK, by putting mizp I have found listing of things I have sold - that's a start......

mizp, Jan 3, 11:01pm
Nope, no luck went through 29 pages but the one I want isn't there. sgrafo modern just brings up the ones that are for sale now so I think I will just have to let it go and move on. Thanks anyway for your help.

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