just downloading puppy

moneyman6, Jan 3, 9:52pm
Just downloading puppy are these programmes easy to use?my understanding is,puppy will boot off cd and windows will remain untouched,is there any way i can wreck my com,or is it EASY to wreck com

namtak, Jan 3, 10:01pm
#Very handy if you're on the move a lot. No can't hurt a Windoz installation. Can boot from CD or flash drive to run as "Live disk" and when you're finished Windoz remains unchanged. No need to install permanently to your hard drive. Enjoy.

moneyman6, Jan 3, 10:10pm
Is there much difference to windows or is it basically used the same?i mean for downloading,surfing,printing etc.its nearly finished downloading.is it true it must be burned as a iso image or something like that? i have magic iso burner will that do it?TIA

r.g.nixon, Jan 3, 11:06pm
Difference is below the surface yes, burn as an image - have you done 650MB images using Magic? (the only reason I ask is that my brother said he couldn't do a whole CD using Magic). Imgburn might be a safer choice.

0800xford, Jan 3, 11:08pm
OP yes, it's easy to hose your system using puppy.

little_egypt, Jan 3, 11:13pm
Everything you need to know [https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto]
Puppy won't do anything to Windows unless you tell it to, eg by starting an install, running the partitioner, etc. On the surface it's a lot like windows, but when you get down to installing software or drivers and doing admin stuff it's very, very different.

0800xford, Jan 3, 11:18pm
i wouldn't recommend puppy for a gnube at all [not that anyone in this thread has] ubuntu yes, puppy no.

moneyman6, Jan 4, 1:11am
Well so far so good mowed the lawns and got this puppy going.havent got printer going.everything else seems ok so far

moneyman6, Jan 4, 1:12am
i used magic for this boot disk and it worked,havet saved anything else to it yet,like when i shut down.

moneyman6, Jan 4, 1:14am
Hahavent tried to install any software yet.is that where things start to get difficult?

0800xford, Jan 4, 1:16am
pup files are annoying, yes. there is a # slapt-get command though, ymmv.

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