Music Downloads

Music Downloads im sorry if this has been asked before...butwhen downloading music of the net, how do i not get mp3 format? i want to be able to play it on a CD playerthanks heaps :)

geek_lparker2, Jan 4, 12:09 pm

You have to convert it afterwards CDEX (freeware) can do this I think.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 4, 12:12 pm

Most downloads are MP3 You will need to convert to play on standard CD player. Nero does it.

geek_kiwikidd77, Jan 4, 12:13 pm

Thankswhat would the file format be called then? sorry, am new to this stuff! lol also, what programme would u recommend to use to download?

geek_lparker2, Jan 4, 12:15 pm

When you burn to a CD I wouldn't download anything. Windows Media Player does a perfectly OK job of burning mp3s to CD (the opposite is not true though, it does a shit job of converting CDs to mp3) just pick a dozen or so audio tracks and burn them as an 'audio cd'

geek_little_egypt, Jan 4, 12:20 pm

I would recommend iTunes Store, or

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 12:41 pm

Re 6 but none of that is going to help the OP. They really just need guidance on how to burn a cd. Where they get it from is none of our business. You're right to a point though, those sites don't use mp3 format - and riddled with drm too - hence more reason to avoid them. And far from being actual cd quality. Why oh why do these pay sites use proprietary formats with low quality bitrates? Maybe more people would be willing to buy them if they were 320k mp3, no drm restrictions. at 256k drm-free is the right direction, unfortunately it's for America only.

geek_kylestyle, Jan 4, 3:19 pm

Why would you bother downloading a chunky ITUnes software, when Media player or something you already have on your PC will do the job fine,

geek_mone, Jan 4, 4:45 pm

I understood the question as "what programme would you recommend to BUY music" not "what would you recommend to BURN a CD. My mistake ...

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 5:00 pm

And kylestyle digirama and amplifier DO sell MP3s. iTunes don't, but you can turn their DRM-free music into MP3s. I'm a bit bored of the music purists insisting that everything below some arbritrary bitrate is sub-standard, when you don't actually know what the OP would be happy with. I was simply giving options. What did you give?

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 5:04 pm

Well i didn't need to give anything because the question had already been answered. Burn your disc as an audio cd.

geek_kylestyle, Jan 4, 5:54 pm