dvd disc to play on pc

harrislucinda, Jan 3, 11:56pm
Dvd disc to play on pc have just brought a navman and it had a dvd to play as a guide to use well silly me put it in the tv to play but it is for the pc, well put it in the hard drive and only the wee colour ring comes up by the arrow, so won,t work any help please

0800xford, Jan 4, 12:01am
try to open it with your media player of choice.

oscarnz, Jan 4, 12:01am
Is the drive in your computer a DVD drive, or just a CD one?

harrislucinda, Jan 4, 12:07am
Oh good question about about taht cd or dvd how do you tell

oscarnz, Jan 4, 12:09am
On the part that opens does it have DVD written on it?

maverick65, Jan 4, 12:35am
You can also check in "My computer" it will say CD drive or DVD . My one doesn't have it written on the openign tray.

harrislucinda, Jan 4, 4:47am
Thanks maverick looked there and said cd oh well won,t be able to use it now

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