What would cause

maylea, Jan 4, 1:48am
What would cause me getting no email's , have sent one to myself and never got that also?

0800xford, Jan 4, 1:49am
login to your webmail and see if what you sent is there.

maylea, Jan 4, 1:51am
No nothing there!

dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 1:56am
Checked in your spam? What kind of email address is it? ISP/gmail/hotmail/yahoo/something esle?

maylea, Jan 4, 1:58am
Looked in there ...netspeed.net.nz

dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 1:58am
What about sending an email to yourself using webmail?

0800xford, Jan 4, 2:00am
what client are you using? have you changed *anything* 'recently'?

maylea, Jan 4, 2:04am
Tried sending one from my hotmail to me - no luck. Only thing is we had was a thunderstorm....computer was off tho.

0800xford, Jan 4, 2:14am
before changing all your settings phone your isp. the transmitters are quite often the tallest structure in the area...

ctnz, Jan 4, 2:51am
Try Tools: Message Rules: Mail First Tab, see if the "all my emails sucked into a virtual black hole never to be seen again" box is ticked.

maylea, Jan 4, 3:12am
Nope ..

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