Help re IE and Firefox

cj07, Jan 4, 4:28am
Help re IE and Firefox I use firefox now, havent had any issues as Windows Vista and IE don't get along and it always crashed. Anyway, whenever I open up hotmail and click the email button, it defaults to Internet Explorer, is there anyway to stop it running through there and go through firefox. I cant for the life of me find how to uninstall IE either.

kingzzz, Jan 4, 4:37am
dont uninstall IE7, its too integrated into windows, dong so will cause problems. just ignore it. as for the hotmail thing. google stuffplug and install it. its a plugin for windows live messenger, in the options for it it will have open pages in default browser.

cj07, Jan 4, 4:46am
Dude ur amazing its perfect. cheers

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