Help!!!! digital camera question!!

proudmumof2, Jan 4, 4:20am
Help!!!! digital camera question!! Hi there
I have a fuji finepix and I stupidly plugged it in before I installed the software now my pc wont recognise my camera when I connect it. What on earth should I do?? Ive tried reinstalling software but it didnt work!!

drcspy, Jan 4, 4:27am
You dont need the software usually the pc will show the camera up as a 'removeable drive' in 'my computer'.....

fishb8, Jan 4, 4:36am
Try de-installing the software BTW, I never use any of the stuff that comes with the camera. There are far better programs for storing and image manipulation.

little_egypt, Jan 4, 4:40am
Ummm no Many (most?) cameras don't operate as a USB mass storage device when you plug them in, you need to install the drivers. You can usually get by installing just the drivers though, and not the crap 'photo management' software that comes with it. A better option is to use a card reader which a lot of recent machines and some photo printers have built in.

r.g.nixon, Jan 4, 7:23am
Our Fuji Finepix 3.1 megapixel works as a USB device. Drag & drop images.

gasaxe, Jan 4, 7:58am
I have a neat usb hub come card reader from PB Tech. It has an xd slot too. Can't remember what I paid for it but it wasn't expensive.

gbbrot, Jan 4, 8:50am
.. software is one thing, driver is another. Most late model USB devices already have driver as part of windows (XP and later). It is possible your disk will have a later driver but usually it only has windows 98 drivers which you wont need anyway. Check the camera makers site for a later driver for your system. Remove the driver from device manager before installing the later one.

dino7, Jan 4, 10:20am
Re4 most DO support mass storage ........
have a look in settings on your camera;)

mone, Jan 4, 10:59am
Or just take out the SD card and stick it in your printer or anything with card slots.

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