really fast question about CD's please :-)

starbeams, Jan 4, 5:27am
Really fast question about CD's please :-) I've run out of CD's, but have heaps of DVD's. I'm wanting to burn some music to play on my stereo, will these play like CD's? The stereo plays DVD's when it's plugged into a TV, but wanting to know if it can just play the sound. Thank's very much in advance.

sakkara, Jan 4, 5:31am
Yes is that quick enough ;-)

jmpcwiz, Jan 4, 5:39am
Try it but havent heard of a 'Audio DVD' maybe it is a mp3 player and can read the mp3's of CD/DVDs.

starbeams, Jan 4, 5:42am
Thanks guys :-) I'm making it an mp3 disc, but the stereo can play dvds when the cords are attached to the tv. I'm about to burn now, cheers for your help :-)

starbeams, Jan 4, 5:46am
It didn't work lol! But I'm using Nero and it asked if I wanted to make an audio cd or audio dvd. I chose cd, in future would I use the dvd option? I also found one last cd at the bottom of the stack yay :-)

kingzzz, Jan 4, 6:01am
if you stereo plays mp3s and accepts dvds then just burn the music as data like normal files and it should work.

hakatere1, Jan 4, 6:11am
Very few dvd players will play mp3s on dvd. I have a Philips DVD 616k that will. I have another Philips, a DVDR 3320v that won't. Not many do. See this TM auction: 196077065

hakatere1, Jan 4, 6:15am
Ooops in Oz methinks too far for pickup.

pixma, Jan 4, 6:34am
I have a cheap-o $70 dvd player and it read's audio dvd's fine. or play's them fine I should say.

ladeda, Jan 4, 8:08am
My car stereo plays MP3 CD's Will it also play MP3 DVD's? I assumed not until I reading this thread. Should I try?

ruki1, Jan 4, 9:05am
My dvd player will play MP3 music on cd or dvd discs burnt as MP3 discs by Nero. A Philips $70 dvp3252
It wont play wave files on any format. Other poster asked about Audio dvd. There is a "DVD-Audio" format disc around. It requires a purpose made player. I got one on Trademe. It will play 24bit 96k music. That is recording studio quality. You can get software that will burn 16bit wave files and let you play it back as a movie sound track on a normal dvd player

illusion_, Jan 4, 10:41am
Or to clear up the confusion mp3s should NOT be burnt as "audio" anything. Simply as data files.

hdmovies, Jan 4, 8:03pm
don't waste your time. Your car CD player can't read DVDs, so there's no way it could read MP3 files off a DVD.

starbeams, Jan 7, 1:41am
Hey guys, I just realised that I never came back in to say thanks! I burned off my music then went out and listened to it with a few burbons and that was me lol! So thanks for all your help :-)

richms, Jan 7, 3:19am
Just remember that the "audio dvds" that loads of things will burn are totally different to dvd audio which is a standard.

Why more players don't do mp3/wma/aac off a dvd I dont know, it doesnt make sense to buy blank cd's - they hold 1/6th what a dvd does, cost the same and are less reliable with the data layer being at the top.

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