My emails have gone mad

ceejay13, Jan 4, 6:41am
My emails have gone mad and are coming in all over the place,I am on OE, no settings have been altered, they always come in at the top, what has happened and how can I fix it, or has xtra got a problem.

pheonix, Jan 4, 6:45am
Click the word "Received" at the top If it changes them so the most recent is at the bottom, click it again and it will reverse.

ceejay13, Jan 4, 6:53am
Thankyou so much pheonix it worked, everyday we learn something new and it makes us feel good. I think Husband may have bumped it, but wouldn't admit to anything. Never mind all fixed now thanks to you. Happy New Year.

pheonix, Jan 4, 6:56am
I guess he isn't in trouble any more thenYou can also use the other headings as well and it will sort the emails depending on whether you clicked on subject or name. You can use it when searching for a specific email from someone. Have fun..

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