safe mode

Safe mode how do i turn computer onto safe mode?

geek_anvilee1, Jan 4, 7:58 am

Straight after you turn the pc on, tap the "F8" key until a menu comes up, select safe mode and there you go!

geek_pixma, Jan 4, 8:00 am

Also in Windows operating system select RUN...type the Boot.INI in the SafeMode Apply and click close and will get asked if you want to restart the computer then or not. So much easier than getting the F8 button key tapped at the appropriate time.

geek_olack, Jan 4, 8:31 am

Yea I mean it's ohh so hard to tap the F8 key while the PC is booting...ohh dear olack. *just keep tapping*

geek_pixma, Jan 4, 8:35 am

Say what??? F8 - press and hold, press and and hold.....

geek_ladeda, Jan 4, 8:38 am

Don't press and hold On alot of PC's I've found it make's the pc give you a faulty keyboard message before it goes any further. just keep tapping.

geek_pixma, Jan 4, 8:44 am