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pixma, Jan 4, 9:18am
Download 7.68gb of stuff today I did not think that was possible?! lol

pixma, Jan 4, 9:18am
My poor bb cap

flewy, Jan 4, 9:23am
?if i wanted to i could do atleast 10

pixma, Jan 4, 9:29am
What is your cap The most I have ever managed is 2gb-per day. Need more storage ***

flewy, Jan 4, 9:31am
20 but i rarely do 10

pixma, Jan 4, 9:35am
OkIt's amazing just looking thru pirate bay how much stuff I think I don't need, but I download anyway. Setting up NAS storage server next week, do you know if it works behind a local Ip address AKA; I don't port foward 21 ? cheers

ply-boy, Jan 4, 9:35am
Ive done many a day with 20GB downloaded and 10GB uploadedI can do 1.5GB in an hour with ease...

and im just on normal shitty adsl

sirfer, Jan 4, 9:37am
Here's my gloat Some of you telecom customers will know that the time between exceeding your cap and being throttled can be extended if you just keep going hard on the downloads. Back before they upped the 6GB cap, I managed to download ~30GB in one day of mostly Linux isos, just every one I could think of. Bear in mind that download speeds in Linux are pretty quick and I was getting ~500kB/s the whole time. Needless to say as soon as I reset my router, I was throttled ;o)

pixma, Jan 4, 9:40am
Jez Vodafone always let me download half a gig over the limit before they throttle it back to 56k. Know anything about the FREE NAS running behind a local IP, not port forwarded ?

flewy, Jan 4, 9:43am
Nas server does not need any ports to be open by you

flewy, Jan 4, 9:45am
FTP needs port forwarding, but NAS show up as a NETWORK HDD

pixma, Jan 4, 9:52am
in my computer, right? It will be plugged into switch etc

flewy, Jan 4, 9:56am
Yeah but you will have to get it from network place - WORKGROUP - etc first and then asign a drive letter to it .

pixma, Jan 4, 10:19am
Thanks networking name is set up "HOME" on all pcs

sirfer, Jan 4, 10:39am
I got 30GB over my 6GB cap before I was throttled

ammcats, Jan 6, 12:11am
Xtra Go Large I download about 30-40GB per 24 hours, downloading non stop 24/7. Thanks to the fair-use policy being removed from Go-Large and having unlimited data there is no reason to not downloadI have well over 4TB of data and still growing.

oclaf, Jan 6, 3:40am
Best ive mangaged 42GB on voda 20GB plan. i was stocked.

pixma, Jan 6, 3:43am
Lol They [vodafone] can be a little SLOW at time's!!!

wogadopolous, Jan 6, 4:04am
I downloaded about 15 gigs today in just over an hour, I love our stupid-fast internet at work....

ply-boy, Jan 6, 5:26am
Just downloaded a movie

badboy12345, Jan 6, 6:01am
Whats your guys speed test results?

wogadopolous, Jan 6, 6:11am

swivel, Jan 6, 6:11am
Wogadopolous "downloaded about 15 gigs today
in just over an hour" who are you with

ammcats, Jan 6, 6:11am
Ply to a seedbox or your home connection? if i remember right you live out in the whoop-whoops with bad internet connections?

badboy12345, Jan 6, 6:26am
Woga wtf who are you with

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