Handheld GPS?

dino7, Jan 4, 9:12am
Handheld GPS? looking at getting one but don't know what brand or much about them......i have heard some are really mobile as in, run on batteries or a car cig lighter while others are really just for in the car? really want it so it can go in different cars without re wiring anything!
Any tips on buying one or links to good deals would be appreciated.

dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 9:15am
Mine's a uniden it's not bad, but I find the finding address interface a little clumsy (suggest having a play with the different models first). Mine has a limited battery, but has a cig lighter cable and a suction cap for the window, so it's "car mobile", but you wouldn't want to walk around with it. Garmin hand-held ones are pretty good and portable, but the screen size is (of course) smaller. You can get a suction attachment for the car too.

dino7, Jan 4, 9:41am
Thansk Dun about this one? http://tinyurl.com/9h6kl7 .......hard to tell how portable some are, do some still need wiring in the car or all the new ones are suction cup and a cig lighter socket? how about Maps .. are some of the maps crap and only cover certain areas or all pretty much the same? only want maps for NZ the whole of NZ would be good and do you have to buy updates for them?

dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 9:46am
They should tell you which maps come with them mine has a good map of NZ, but I'd have to buy/download a map of Oz if I took it over there (on CD, transfer to the SD card). Garmin has a good rep, that one looks really similar to mine (which honestly, I wouldn't recommend, but maybe I have a black spot when it comes to the interface for it. Nearly threw it out the window into the Clutha River, if that's any indication of how frustrated I was). I think most of the DSE/consumer type ones are the suction mount types (look for "car kit" or similar). Look out for voice directions, speed warnings and night mode (all handy features) as well as the ability to turn voice off if you want to.

dunedin_ree, Jan 4, 9:50am
Oh not sure about map updates, but I guess you'd have to check the Garmin website, that should give you a fair indication of what you'd have to pay to buy a new map for it. Mine didn't come with any free updates, although it came with a voucher for a free Oz map (which I was stupid enough to ignore until after it expired). I;m not too worried about updates though, I use it because I like to know how far/how much time till the next destination, and basic directions on road trips. It also plays movies (good for the kids, I guess).

dino7, Jan 4, 10:13am
Thanks again i at least now know what i should be looking for re features..........i don't mind if its an older model as long as it has decent features like some you have said and the maps aren't from 1932:P

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