How do i connect my modem to a new computer

no_way_mate, Jan 5, 12:24am
How do i connect my modem to a new computer i just got a new laptop and was wandering do i need to set up a new conncetion if ive been using the net on a home PC,as i tryed to plug it in put it wont work??any help thanks

soodanim, Jan 5, 12:26am
Ummm what? modem being ...? what type of modem? BB, dialup....plugged what in?

no_way_mate, Jan 5, 12:28am
Broadband modem its woking now on the home Pc,but when i plug it into the lappy it doesnt work?wat do i need to do.

krazyjay, Jan 5, 1:17am
Depends If it is adsl (plugged into the phone line) then it should auto configure the ip address via the dhcp server, if it is cable( static ip like telstraclear) then you will need to input the ip address as well as the default gateway and dns numbers manually (which is quite easy) if you need help just let me know and i can talk you through it.

no_way_mate, Jan 5, 4:10am
Yea hey krazyjay its adsl if u cud talk me thru it,that wud be a big help thanks..

no_way_mate, Jan 5, 11:35am
Any help urgently wud be much appreciated thanks..

little_egypt, Jan 5, 8:12pm
Easy answer Open up 'network settings' on the machine that works, look at the TCP/IP properties and copy down everything, IP address, Gateway, DNS servers, and which boxes are checked for 'auto', then go set up the lappy the same way.

no_way_mate, Jan 6, 3:22am
Yea i tryed that it still didnt work any other ideas thanks

cpg, Jan 6, 7:46am
The best solution is to contact your ISP and get them to talk you through what needs to be configured for your laptop. They are the experts and will have the answer specific to your problem.

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 7:48am
You haven't told us with what kind of cable you're trying to attach the modem to the computer. That would help.

no_way_mate, Jan 6, 9:40am
Thru a usb cable?? is that any help..

flewy, Jan 6, 10:33am
It will need drivers they will be on the disc that came with the modem.

burger8, Jan 6, 10:34am
USB cable Why are you using the USB port?

For about $130 you can buy a modem with 4 ports and a wireless connection. This way you can leave you desktop connected (hard wired, up to four computers be cause it

lostdude, Jan 6, 11:20am
"ISP website of the maker of the modem" lol.

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