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seriouslycgi, Jan 5, 1:42am
STOP making linux threads too many people are "getting it" its our little secret we dont want more users.

fred68, Jan 5, 1:46am
30million odd to many for ya:o) ..

cybertao, Jan 5, 1:46am
After years of your smug postings about linux to help inflate your superiority complex, I now have to put up with your whining about it? Take it to General, I'm sure most of them will still be using Windows.

pixma, Jan 5, 1:54am
Don't worry, Less than one percent of people use Linux so there is not much chance that you are going to get sick of the Linux thread's soon...Unless the Linux geek's get bored.

rhys.m, Jan 5, 1:56am

pixma, Jan 5, 1:58am
Oh sorry, Fact's don't matter. You get back to fairy world now.

cybertao, Jan 5, 1:59am
You'll see, pixma. It's happening slowly, but eventually our 1960's technology will take over the world. You will either be assimilated, or processed into thermal paste and wire insulation.

pixma, Jan 5, 2:01am
*shaking* Arrr, I'm scared of're coming! pffft

d_family, Jan 5, 2:55am
But how many people is one %? .

little_egypt, Jan 5, 2:56am
You're on broadband? What does your router run?

pixma, Jan 5, 2:57am
You again? Probably a nice round figure that sound's big but when you look at the big picture, 1% is absolutely positively nothing.

pixma, Jan 5, 2:58am
We are talking about OS's for PC's not software that a router runs on .

cybertao, Jan 5, 3:02am
No, YOU'RE talking about OSs for PCs We're talking about linux. You can't expect the other kiddies to keep playing with you if you keep changing the rules so you win.

pixma, Jan 5, 3:05am
"changing the rules so you win" haha Sorry, I would have thought people would assume that I was referring to OS's when I posted the stats. I shall never assume everybody has common sense again.

cybertao, Jan 5, 3:10am
See? You're such a bad sport. no wonder nobody likes you.

pixma, Jan 5, 3:14am
Bad sport getting all upset now? I have plenty of people that like me, fortunately you are not one of them. Don't an idiot and pick your toys up.

cybertao, Jan 5, 3:21am
Why would I be upset by you? I have a far thicker skin against trolls than that. I pay about as much attention to your loyalty to Microsoft as I do ruby with Sony.

pixma, Jan 5, 3:33am
Franky, I don't care if you care about my loyalty to anything. Stop being a little bitch and grow up. duh

cybertao, Jan 5, 3:56am
I love how you mistakingly think that you're the example of maturity.

pcfix4u, Jan 5, 3:57am
Why is it ??? That Linux users are much more helpful and seem to have a real good sense of humor.

pixma, Jan 5, 4:01am
Eaten a dictionary lately?! Sure sound's like it!

seriouslycgi, Jan 5, 4:15am
Pixma can you show us where you get these stats from? i heard that 1% was from browser hits on websites. a little unfair when alot of websites wont work unless you use ie. microsoft sells novell linux, microsoft use bsd and linux webservers. why arent they using microsoft on the same seervers?

pixma, Jan 5, 4:19am
Try google, depend's which site you look at!

pixma, Jan 5, 4:20am

little_egypt, Jan 5, 4:57am
Had to go out The point I was about to make; linux has about a 1% share of home desktops sure. It's got a slightly better share of enterprise desktops. It has about a 33% share on servers. It has about a 99% share on embedded devices. When's the last time you saw a DSL router, wireless access point, network camera, IP phone or even a PVR that ran Windows?

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