ok i have my new xmas

maz61, Jan 5, 3:26am
Ok i have my new xmas present it is a mp4 8g what is the easy way to get a movie on to it please please dont want to download somthing that is going to kill my computer, thanks

maz61, Jan 5, 3:38am
Avs video converter is this a start is this what i need to get movie on my mp4

pixma, Jan 5, 4:07am
Get the movie file and convert to correct file type using a converter tool.

deodar, Jan 5, 5:03am
Yeah,mine was delivered too finally A 64W finishing sander,just what I
NEED.But how do I convert the paper

horrid1, Jan 5, 5:38am
Hi Deodorant Google is your friend! Alternatively, there is probably an operators manual in the box. I suspect you were to excited to check right through the box!!

deodar, Jan 5, 7:35am
There's a manual-in English! "Please read the Entire instruction
manual carefully before operating
this tool",I've been using it all
afternoon without opening manual.I
never RTFM,goes against the grain.
So does the sander eeha.There was no
more paper in the box,Trader showed
heaps in listing & said it would all
'go with the sander',well it probably

vikingthered, Jan 7, 3:01am
Your such a knob deodar

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