Has anyone used ClamWin antivirus?

ladeda, Jan 5, 5:13am
Has anyone used ClamWin antivirus? I am looking for a portable antivirus (free) that I can use on my Eee 4GB laptop without it taking too much memory. I downloaded ClamWin onto my memory stick and it is scanning from there so using none of my precious Eee memory. It's running as I type, but wondered if anyone had used it or can recommend it or know of a better "portable" antivirus.

ladeda, Jan 5, 5:15am
Mmmmm, that was quick, the scan has finished C:\........\Local Settings\Temp\nsr5.tmp Permission denied. Scanning aborted. ?????

gbbrot, Jan 5, 8:11am
I.. used it on the Eee (still do). It's all right but there is no scanning or anything else. You will need to remember to update the virus files. Possibly the smallest AV available. If you dont have extra storage (such as SDHC) then best stick with it.

ladeda, Jan 5, 8:49am
It hangs up on a C: scan when it scans the windows installer files. If I avoid that folder (by selecting files to scan) then it will scan the rest no problem.

ladeda, Jan 5, 8:51am
If I run ClamWin from E: (SDHC) will it be any better than running it from my memory stick?

ladeda, Jan 5, 8:54am
Sorry, misread You are suggesting an everyday bloated antivirus and install onto the SDHC card? I prefer the lite ClamWin but obviously it has a few bugs.

gbbrot, Jan 5, 9:49pm
I.. actually run my Eee in two ways. There is the portable way which is using only the system as it came (i.e. as a 4G) and then there is the all bells and whistles way, using a SDHC and an external 2.5" 120Gb drive which I only use on the desktop with an external monitor and the full Windows version. The last way is more usual and so can use a full AV with regular updates. The portable way has Clamwin which will provide some protection for the occasional internet connection. But Clamwin is not a GOOD AV. It needs to be used with some thought.

baker-assoc, Jan 5, 10:03pm
Clamwin LMFAO It doesn't even have real time protection, The only way it will find virus's is if you select a manual scan.

little_egypt, Jan 5, 10:27pm
Run as admin It would appear that the EEE 'does the right thing' and runs as a limited user, which is why clamav won't have access to all files. You'll need to run it as Admin or restrict it to scanning only the files you have write access to. Also as observed, clamav doesn't do real-time scanning. You might want to take a look at 'winpooch' which gives you UAC-like control in Windows-XP and can do real time scanning using clamav as the scanning engine.

vtecintegra, Jan 5, 10:59pm
I use it on both my systems. The lack of on access scanner is both good and bad - it makes for a lightweight product, but also means you have to remember to scan regularly. I believe it is the only true free (fsf definition) scanner around too

ladeda, Jan 6, 5:07am
Thanks for your thoughts I'm happy to remember to scan every so often. I must admit to being somewhat complacent as in the many years of using my everyday computer, with antivirus scan everyday, I have only had 3 virus infections. Unlike my bro-in-law who relies on my once yearly visits to clean up his PC. Last time I cleaned it there were enough trojan horses to run a Melbourne Cup (and some), despite installing what I thought was an idiot-proof antivirus (he somehow disabled it!).

intrade, Jan 6, 5:54am
You do realise them scanner is for vinblows virus you can open a win virus no problem on your linux eee with editor like kate i opend mytob once to see what it looked like lol

0800xford, Jan 6, 6:06am
there are other light weight scanners besides clamwin too.

ladeda, Jan 6, 6:17am
Didn't quite understand you - I'm old My Eee has XP.

ladeda, Jan 6, 6:17am
Please continue...

intrade, Jan 6, 7:30am
If its got xp then run antivir on it www.free-av.com or avast :)

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