Herald's story about aXXo

Herald's story about aXXo If the film studios released DVD's the same time as movies they wouldn't have so much of a problem. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/technology/news/article.cfm?c_id=5&objectid=10550551

geek_cessna3, Jan 5, 9:48 pm

Lol its like a introduction to piracy class. anyone who didn't know where or how to get pirate movies will know just about all they need to know after that article. nice going herald.

geek_oclaf, Jan 5, 10:42 pm

Not as good as the time TVNZ did a story that explained picking magic mushrooms in kiwifruit orchards and boiling them up.

geek_cybertao, Jan 5, 10:43 pm

OMG! That story is seven pages long.

geek_cybertao, Jan 5, 10:47 pm

Lmao "One Canadian documentary film-maker, for example, is working on a film entitled Searching for aXXo." "me myself and aXXo", "there's something about aXXo"

geek_kane199, Jan 5, 10:56 pm

I like: "When you have six million people breaking the law, it's the law that needs changing, not the people." That was a brilliant read. Im surprised they gave out so much information. Now everyone can just read that and know where to look and what to search for. Easy as that. Thanks Herald :D

geek_jmpcwiz, Jan 5, 11:37 pm

The hearld seems to be for it maybe the editor gets songs from mininova for his ipod.

geek_cessna3, Jan 5, 11:43 pm

Axxo isnt public enemy, all his rips are either from purchased dvd's or re-encodes of other peoples rips. and to be honest i dont think its one person. besides its not hard to find him.

geek_seriouslycgi, Jan 6, 12:07 am

Huh? so he/she/they not a public enemy(ies) because he distributes rips from purchased dvds....lol that's funny.

geek_soodanim, Jan 6, 12:16 am

Dunno about 1000th upload. Pretty sure s/he/they reached that landmark at the end of 2007/beginning of 2008, before disappearing for a while. LOL @ 'The aXXo's Prayer' I remember that, but again, pretty sure it was first posted in 2007, in the piratebay. "Each group will likely specialise in a certain medium (film, TV, games, music) - even a specific movie genre - and will include computer experts (or "rippers")" -ROFL & yet they deem bitorrent as amateurism. & finally, /applaud Herald for their unique ability to contradict stories about technological improvements in delivery, & still take them a week to republish it -Page 7: "This article was originally published by The Independent." ROFL

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 12:29 am

yeah s/he's/they is/are/n't "public" enemy/ies, s/he's/they is/are PRIVATE enemy/es. LOL

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 12:31 am

The public enemy is the public. they shares it once everyone else latches on and spreads it. to be honest people just need a brand to distribute, and just like how microsoft made computing what it is today, axxo arent the best just the most popular.

geek_seriouslycgi, Jan 6, 12:33 am

If I am an Expert for Ripping Am I an IT engineer for Ripping it onto a CD :O And if I feel like risking, I do a DVD. Yup I'm hardcore :)

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 6, 12:35 am

"Our ripper, who art on Mininova, aXXo be thy name..." Oookay...

geek_acura, Jan 6, 12:38 am

that hardly even makses sense...he/she/they don't own the rights to distributor it, even if they did purchase it. I don't think I said they were the best, they are in the news because they are most popular lol

geek_soodanim, Jan 6, 1:38 am


geek_soodanim, Jan 6, 1:40 am

Lol makses haha

geek_soodanim, Jan 6, 1:41 am

4. Print it to a .pdf file and you'll get all seven pages in one sheet. (Click on the herald print icon). I think I'll print it out properly and take it with me to read. Heck, even my wife has heard of aXXo. By the way peeps: BSG4 starts on January 16 (US time) I believe.

geek_badcam, Jan 6, 2:44 am

I have not being too impressed with the supposed awesome axxo rips that my mate gave me - the one I looked at was just another 700 meg stereo rip which had being resized. Why do they keep with this resizing nonsense. Keep it 720 wide and only crop it makes for a much better encode, and the 700 meg size is well past its time. Almost as sad as making things into 2 700 meg files.

I can understand only having stereo, since lots of people dont care for a home theater, but the lower resolution really hurts...

geek_richms, Jan 6, 4:35 am

He's great A10 V10. He is a Robin Hood

geek_swivel, Jan 6, 8:46 am

There is a huge range of content availableaXXo is small fry compared to what you are able to get through bittorrent as a whole. The worlds largest online database of music is a private torrent tracker. Movies are almost always available as high quality DVDRips before they are released in NZ and all new games (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PC) are available before they are retailed here in NZ. If I am able to locate a copy of an item I want to play/watch/listen for the cost of bandwidth BEFORE its available in NZ why should I even bother with a retail store? I think voting with my feet will encourage content producers to change their business model and distribution method. They will change it. At the moment there is still enough money to be made via their old distribution method, as soon as that dries up they will change for a more efficient one. Pirates are simply the catalyst for change.

geek_derekguy, Jan 6, 10:28 am

I must be getting old But Hollywood movies suck. Full of propaganda and memes, hardly entertaining. I hope aXXo helps make them go bust.

geek_sirfer, Jan 6, 11:34 am

You seriously MUST be an Idiot. And Next time I make it have no sound please.

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 6, 11:45 am

Http://cristgaming.com/pirate.swf that seems appropriate

geek_kane199, Jan 6, 11:54 am

LOL at the little boy Sounds like someone got caught out HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

geek_sirfer, Jan 6, 12:05 pm

Haha that was a test....you should've been able to find out before going there what it was...you failed...i heard your village was looking for you.

geek_soodanim, Jan 6, 12:19 pm

Hope Axxo brings down Hollywood and its overpriced movies ($16)? WTF. Just like how Napster destroyed the Shove-a-whole-album-down-our-throat-when-we-only-want-one-song music industry. And how Youtube on-demand when you want what you want shook up the TV industry.

geek_mone, Jan 6, 12:30 pm

I'd really like to know how it will improve the movie industry. If they offered you movies online that were compressed to a crappy 700Mb divx, or even better quality at 2Gigs or more, would you pay to download it or still just download it? It's one thing to be a tight ass and steal your stuff, but stop pretending you are justified in doing it.

geek_cybertao, Jan 6, 12:49 pm

Re 25 No I'm a BIG BOY I'm 7 AND A HALFS! And Re 26. Why would I find out, I'm not gonna waste my time, it just made me exit fast :S My post was a joke, and you idiots thought I was serious? Of course you cannot be an IT engineer for cracking games.

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 6, 2:43 pm

RTFA again If movie companies start providing their content online and charging for it, that's where most people will go for their downloads, because it will be more available and visible to the casual user...

geek_sirfer, Jan 6, 2:45 pm

And my post was a jokeand you took it like a man aye. Your joke wasn't even funny by the way, at least mine was for me because you reacted as I thought you would...silly boy!

geek_soodanim, Jan 6, 2:48 pm

Oh, I get it now Just like how iTunes has stopped music piracy. Given the number of threads regularly created here about 'were do i get limewire', 'whats bittorrent', 'what websites can i download songs from', it's clear to see people who don't find it convenient go out of their way. If buying or renting movies the traditional way was too hard or inconvenient, they just wouldn't sell. Once again, downloading content illegally isn't justified by that excuse. You don't have to leave home as it is, sign up to fatso.co.nz or order your stuff online.

geek_cybertao, Jan 6, 3:02 pm

Yep, and then you can rip it and share it ;o)

geek_sirfer, Jan 6, 3:05 pm

The general idea is this; They charge much less than a DVD, two or three dollars, and the customer gets a guaranteed 'not fake or misnamed, not a shakey cam recording, not a corrupted file with chunky blocks halfway through' download. A lot of people would pay for that. The amount of money people can spare for entertainment is fairly constant, so the theory is that at one tenth the price people will just buy ten times as much, at least to a point. Distribution costs are minimal, and making the movie cost the same amount no matter how many people end up watching it, so the movie companies end up making about the same profit, for exactly the same amount of work. Or perhaps more, because by selling downloads instead of DVDs they cut out all the manufacturing and shipping costs as well.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 6, 3:06 pm

*sigh* when 'purchasing' CDs at the local record store was the norm, that didn't stop pirates from ripping & re-burning onto CD-Rs or copying to cassette tape. The internet is yet just another medium for distribution. It will never stop so all parties stop arguing moot points already.

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 3:08 pm

I'm not gonna argue any point :) If they made a local site that had hd or dvd quality movies with samples so you can preview and see if its worth downloading, I would pay for it. I went to the movies with 1 friend and her son and after drinks tickets etc I went through $50. I thought that was shocking, so I would pay $8 for a movie to download and watch in good quality :) Local servers tho so at least it's quick.

geek_suprra, Jan 6, 3:27 pm

Thats whats happening in the states with blockbuster online etc - now available in many bluray players and some tivo's etc.

DVD is almost dead for rentals IMO

geek_richms, Jan 6, 4:53 pm

Music/vid stores need download stations my idea!!!!! copyright seriouslycgi!!!!!! show me the money.

geek_seriouslycgi, Jan 6, 5:03 pm

Yeah, and we will all be stuck in a position where you won't 'own' anything. Pay-per-view, or the inability to re download content when the box's hard-drive dies/corrupts/gets upgraded. No way to resell it after you are bored of it. Basically, you are painting yourselves into a corner, and giving the companies the leverage and excuses they need to really start ripping everyone off. With no physical media, you won't be able to media shift(legal or not) so you will have to 'buy' a new copy for each device. No way to even lend a movie to your friend, or take it around to someones house. Less ways of enjoying it at all - coupled with more copyright legislation and less internet freedom.

geek_cybertao, Jan 6, 5:08 pm

I don't agree with all copyright law that's in place. But with the lack of self-control and responsibility shown by the general public, things are just going to get worse. Certainly not better.

geek_cybertao, Jan 6, 5:10 pm

Oh yeah forgot about drm i havent seen any drm for ages using linux, i forgot it existed, well hack the planet kill drm and stuff.

geek_seriouslycgi, Jan 6, 5:15 pm

agree with

geek_0800xford, Jan 6, 5:18 pm

That's what I thought Record Stores were going to introduce for music. But seeing as there's no 'standard' in place for digital media, I doubt it will ever happen. "No way to even lend a movie to your friend, or take it around to someones house" That's against copyright anyway. DRM will never work, never has, never will.

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 5:38 pm

As I said, I don't agree with all copyright law but that doesn't mean we can all just ignore it completely. At the end of the day, it's not about law. It's about respecting the artistic integrity of the creator, and financial rewards to the investors. After all, that's the motivation behind the products we get to enjoy. It's odd how little complaints there are about how we get ripped off with our necessities by the likes of Telecom, Fonterra, and the power companies. But as soon as someone wants a luxury item like entertainment, the scream 'rip-off!' and feel they are entitled to steal it.

geek_cybertao, Jan 6, 5:53 pm

Actually people complain about the power and telephone companies all the time, the difference is they can't get power or phone services for freemodern media allows that.

geek_dsenior, Jan 6, 6:03 pm

Yeah if i could steal a few ghrands worth of solar panals i'd be the man! but i would need to threating some knowlegable person to install them free ofcourse..

geek_flewy, Jan 6, 6:07 pm

Sorry did I ention DRM? no? no drm. bad. Price it low enough, people will treat it like rental, watch it a few times and delete it to free up the space. Friend phones up for a copy and you tell the cheap-ass to spend a couple of bucks downloading their own.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 6, 6:32 pm

Music quality hasn't improved Hollywood won't either,movies now suck totally,perhaps because of the
bootleg audience,perhaps because they
can't make any better.PeterJackson

geek_deodar, Jan 6, 9:09 pm

So when there is no physical media. How are we going to get material not released in NZ? You won't be able to import movies, or TV series boxed sets. Sure, we those who know better can mess around with proxy servers and the like, but it won't be easy as they will focus efforts into making it harder. It's absurd to think that online distribution will be significantly cheaper than physical media(the media itself is inexpensive), and offer more advantages. If anything, tighter control of distribution will allow them the ability to control the price and supply.

geek_cybertao, Jan 6, 9:30 pm

Under NZ's parallel importing law It's a nice, balanced law. We can import a DVDs nine months after their release. So when a something gets released in another country but not here, we are allowed to buy it through overseas channels. You won't be able to do that via an online service unless the company that produces it allows them to.

geek_cybertao, Jan 6, 9:54 pm

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