Well ive ditched xNet

Well ive ditched xNet Ive finally had enough of xNet and thier piss poor international speeds, so ive bit the bullet and gone to Orcon, $60 per month and 26GB cap @ FS Down/128 UpHeres hoping I see an improvement

geek_matthew_129, Jan 5, 10:51 pm

that explains why my speed with xnet just increased, thanks matthew LOL

geek_pcgeek, Jan 5, 10:59 pm

Now lets watch everyone jump ship to orcon, and watch orcon crumble just like xnet did/has with telecoms ship jumpers.

geek_ammcats, Jan 5, 11:04 pm

That's fantastic news Now if everybody else does the same Xnets performance will return to normal

geek_evoeater, Jan 5, 11:15 pm

Seems to be an ever going cycleEveryone left Xtra's Go Large to Xnet. Now they complain Xnet is so slow and now again jumping ship. (Just dont come back to Xtra :P )

geek_jmpcwiz, Jan 5, 11:44 pm

Since xtra now supply adsl2+, what speeds you getting jmpcwiz?

geek_lostdude, Jan 5, 11:51 pm

We are with Orcon but as a "wholesale" customer, so we are still using Telecom's network...We now get between 17000kbps- 20000kbps and around 800kbps up....Took 5 months to get them to sort it out tho :S

geek_soodanim, Jan 5, 11:57 pm

I sitll want to go on to XNets plan I like them.. just going to wait it out in the hope their sevice improves.. Will be keeping an eye on out in the hope they do get better soon...

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 6, 12:09 am

When will people learn that Performance and Price have a direct correlation to each other? I have worked in the Internet industry since shortly after I left school. I progressed from sales to technical. I have a good overview and indepth view of the financials and dynamics of running an ISP. Let me make one thing clear: There is NO special angle or magic cure that any ISP has. They ALL work with the same methodology, the same structures and the same technical systems and processes. I don't care what the tell the n00bs, or more likely what the n00bs like to believe. PRICE EQUALS PERFORMANCE. This is why I have consistanly good speeds, even at peak hours I can watch HiDef Youtube, while many of you are complaining.

geek_comsolve, Jan 6, 12:33 am

Why? Because I picked a well established, and reasonably well known ISP, who never seems to get a mention here, who certainly never features on the leemings radar, and I pay them the REAL price for the service.

geek_comsolve, Jan 6, 12:36 am

I've been on Xtra Want to jump to Slingshot. Wow seriously I can't be ****ed so I've stayed with Xtra for nearly 3yrs :O GF 3GB cap, downed in 3 days LOL

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 6, 12:39 am

yeah, you must use nortons too with that methodology.

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 12:41 am

Methodology Guessing that means formula/Combo? Nah, only the best here, Norton 04 AND Windows Defender AND Windows Firewall. I also use IE7 and Vista with 512MB DDR333.

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 6, 12:48 am

Sorry that was directed @ .

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 1:05 am

yeah whatever I don't use that Windows crap mate so you obviously have no concept of the world (Internet industry) I work in. I am telling people straight, just as it is.

geek_comsolve, Jan 6, 1:28 am

"when will people learn that Performance and Price have a direct correlation to each other?" Is that not what you said? So you stand by that statement in all consumables? You obviously have no concept of the world (actual world) I live in. I am telling you straight, just as it is.

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 1:36 am

Well I try for everything free. Performance isn't an issue with that.
My anonymous ISP is free or minimal
($15)charges,I have nothing to do with Telecom at last,Nothing.LOL-OK
they still own the network but I'll
be Fibre Optic very soon.

geek_deodar, Jan 6, 6:42 am

Xtra Go Large - $50 a month, unlimited cap, 700Kb/s on torrent downloadslove to see you get the sort of deal with any other NZ ISP

geek_ammcats, Jan 6, 7:50 am

With ya Go Large is awesome glad I stayed.

geek_cuzzins, Jan 6, 8:12 am

I was considering going over to xtra, as at work we are getting an average of 16M on both routers, Im also on the same exchange as work is, just a different cabinetbut TBH im not the greatest fan of telecom.

geek_matthew_129, Jan 6, 10:01 am

Only 3mbps but im not complaining. Its fast enough for me and good price for the 60gb p/month i sometimes pull.

geek_jmpcwiz, Jan 6, 11:28 pm

You also let the brats use your Account,real litle barstids too.But
what can you say to an Engineer?

geek_deodar, Jan 6, 11:35 pm

Woosh I pay $80.00 for 20GB per month which includes my Gateway (Phone) I use Woosh as my ISPWhich reminds me my account due next week...

geek_us109, Jan 6, 11:48 pm

Comsolve Yes I know what you mean. My ISP hardly ever gets a mention and my speeds are pretty consistent. I won't be changing hopefully.

geek_shimah, Jan 7, 12:30 am

Woosh I have been with my ISP (Woosh) for over two years nowAnd I donít have any problems with them what so everGreat service and also helpful people...

geek_us109, Jan 7, 12:58 am