is it possible to password protect a document?

thelittlekiwi, Jan 5, 12:51pm
Is it possible to password protect a document? I have a document that I don't want deleting as my husband and children also use this computer and I am wondering if it is possible to password a document so that it cant be opened and deleted.

gooker85, Jan 5, 1:00pm
You can password a document so it can't be opened and put it as read only to disable deletion. create periodic backups if its important as well.

lostdude, Jan 5, 1:01pm
What Operating System do you have? E.g. Windows XP, Vista, Apple OSX, etc? & what kind of document? E.g. MS Word, OpenOffice Writer, Lotus Symphony, Corel WordPerfect, Apple iWork, etc? Some OS's can encrypt files so no other user can open it. Some Word Processors can also password protect the file.

thelittlekiwi, Jan 5, 1:19pm
Its a word document I couldn't find my updated office disk so I had to load 97 on ekk Ive figured out how to password it now but does this protect it from being deleted aswell?

r.g.nixon, Jan 5, 6:59pm
No that doesn't prevent deletion copying it to a CD, DVD, another computer, USB memory stick is the best method.

thelittlekiwi, Jan 5, 9:11pm
Ive emailed it to myself and put it in a folder to be on the safe side thanks for the help

susanp2, Jan 6, 7:30am
Password Can password protect a document - click on 'tools' when saving. There is a 'security' option where a password can be added to save and open the document

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