is anybody else having

sljgolden, Jan 5, 6:57pm
Is anybody else having trouble receiving and sending emails between xtra and clear. I have my protection thingie on receive all emails but still not getting them. Have checked my blocked email addresses to see if I had accidentally blocked them and not there either. TIA :)

0800xford, Jan 6, 2:47am
can you send/receive mail to/from elsewhere? [hotmail, gmail etc] can you mail yourself, does webmail work, which mail clients are you using [outlook, thunderbird etc] have you phoned your isp/s?

us109, Jan 6, 8:43am
Trouble with email Try phoning Microsoft support team on: Ph 0800 800 004

0800xford, Jan 6, 8:50am
how would help the OP us109?

pixma, Jan 6, 8:52am
It doesn't.

us109, Jan 6, 9:15am
Trouble with email They are the Microsoft Support Team here in New Zealand and it is a 0800 number, I have used them in the past regarding my email not sending/receiving. They would help you no matter what.


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