Mozilla & Adobe Flash Player

Mozilla & Adobe Flash Player I am having trouble downloading Adobe Flash Player on my Mozilla Browser. (Adobe Flash Player used for, Facebook etc). I have downloaded it 4-5 times, but nothing works. Any ideas on how to fix it or get it downloaded and working? Thanks.

geek_hamtostie, Mar 30, 8:01 pm

Anyone... .....

geek_hamtostie, Mar 30, 10:10 pm

Are you using the automatic plugin downloader or through adobe's web site?

geek_pc_nut, Mar 30, 11:17 pm

Try this website

geek_hemi1, Mar 31, 9:58 am

Hi, I have tried both options, the automatic and of the adobe site.

geek_hamtostie, Mar 31, 5:44 pm