DVD drive on laptop not working

chatzsetal, Jan 5, 10:23pm
DVD drive on laptop not working the drive comes up on my computer and have checked all the drivers and theyre all fine and upto date. but it wont read any CD/DVDs at all. Even brand new ones. It just like suddenly stopped readng anything. Does this sound like software or hardware problem? if software anyone know how to fix it? Ta

crab2, Jan 5, 10:54pm
Uninstall and reinstall your CD/DVD player.

chatzsetal, Jan 5, 11:04pm
Done that :(

shrapz, Jan 6, 12:11am
Likely that is screwed You can replace laptop drives but depending on the age of the laptop it may not be worth it. Alternatively you can get an external usb drive. What make/ Model is your laptop?

chatzsetal, Jan 6, 2:30am
Its few yrs old but stil under warrenty its a ASUS Z9200U. tried looking on the website but couldnt find anything.

chatzsetal, Jan 6, 10:03am
Umm can anyone help or should i take it for repair or replacement?

r.g.nixon, Jan 6, 10:24am
If it is a software problem you could use System Restore to go back to a date when it was working.

chatzsetal, Jan 6, 10:27am
Good idea except i dont remember when it stopped working i hardly use it but lately i've wanted to and it wont read anything at all.

lostdude, Jan 6, 10:41am
Open the CD/DVD drive and physically look at the lens. Is it dirty? If so, Make sure the laptop is off, grab a cotton bud & some Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, dip 1 end of the cotton bud in alcohol then ever so gently wipe over the lens. Use the dry end of the cotton bud to soak up any excess alcohol left on the lens. Let dry completely before switching the laptop back on.

chatzsetal, Jan 6, 11:08am
Ok will try that did the system restore - that didnt work. where do i get rubing alcohol from?

lostdude, Jan 6, 11:09am
From your local pharmacy.

chatzsetal, Jan 6, 11:10am
Taumm the lens is blue - doesnt look dirty from what i can see but maybe i need a magnifying glass lol

lostdude, Jan 6, 11:12am
When a disk is inserted, does it sound like it's spinning up? Does it have a small LED indicator light when the drive is in use? If nothing, then it's probably dead.

chatzsetal, Jan 6, 11:17am
Umm the light on the outside comes on as normal as to the sound sorry woulnt know as im half deaf :P the actual drive shows up in my computer but no CD/DVD - and i've tried heaps shows up when u double click on the drive if that makes sense. have uninstalled and reinstalled. drivers all up to date.

lostdude, Jan 6, 11:22am
Ktry cleaning it as per my instructions. There are CD-Lens cleaner kits out there but since Windows doesn't detect a disk in there in the first place, it won't run.

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