the most economical printer

irenehpld, Jan 5, 10:50pm
The most economical printer Some printer may be cheap to buy (~$80) but the operational cost is huge (ink & paper). Can anyone suggest the most economical printer for home and office use (printing colour document and photos)...

vtecintegra, Jan 5, 10:54pm
That depends entirely on how much you are printing. If it's a large volume you are best off looking at a colour laser.

nzmu, Jan 6, 4:29am
Economical - laser photos - inkjet. For documents, laser gives a vastly better result and cheaper too. You can get a colour laser now for under $400. But, when you have to buy the toner (which won't be often) you are looking at around $100+ - for photos though - get them printed at a shop for less than 20&2;. At home each print will set you back about 55&2; on an inkjet.

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