Line across the page?

jase320, Jan 6, 3:26am
Line across the page? Writing up our CV and need to insert/put a line across the page to separate the various titles. How do i do this so its one solid line not a whole lot of underscores TIA

0800xford, Jan 6, 3:30am
perhaps insert an image of a line. what app are you creating your cv with?

cpg, Jan 6, 3:31am
In MS Word you type three hypens (they ket next to zero) and press the Enter/Return key. It will then insert a solid line across the page.

jase320, Jan 6, 3:32am
Microsoft works Its just to separate the various details so anything would be appreciated

jase320, Jan 6, 3:44am
I did the hyphen thing 3 times and hit the return/enter key and it just took me down the page, not across.

denise105, Jan 6, 3:55am
Insert border bottom line - highlight text above it first

cpg, Jan 6, 5:04am
The instructions are for MS Word, as I said in my post.

jase320, Jan 6, 5:59am
Thank you all for your help got it sussed and cpg i honestly didn't mean it in a mean/bad way tho it came across like that so sorry.

susanp2, Jan 6, 7:14am
Line Just use the 'line' in autoshapes and place it across the page. You can also change the thickness of this line

cpg, Jan 6, 7:20am
Thanks for coming back jase320 and hope you got it all sorted.

lostdude, Jan 6, 10:56am
Same as , but instead hold shift whilst pressing hyphen (underscore) - to get a BOLD solid line. ;)

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