getting rid of pre existing log in names

fatrav, Jan 6, 4:38am
Getting rid of pre existing log in names how would/do I get rid of pre-existing log in names that come up in drop down boxes while logging on? My FB log-in comes up with my username with the password in the username because I wasn't watchign what I was doing the other day(DFU). TIA.

flewy, Jan 6, 4:41am
Depends on what browser you use but its all bout clearing the cache and cookies.

fatrav, Jan 6, 4:42am
Opps, sorry unfortunately i'm using vista home edition.

0800xford, Jan 6, 4:44am
look here [ ]

fatrav, Jan 6, 9:33pm
Cheers Guys Solved. That sites got some handy stuff xford.

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