dvd ripping program

happylad3, Jan 6, 4:32am
Dvd ripping program hey guys, whats a good program to use to rip movies to my harddrive? thanks

flewy, Jan 6, 4:34am
Fairuse wizard http://is.gd/eERv

fetish, Jan 6, 7:47pm
Dvd decyrpter and dvd shrink, just google them, although I think they might have to be paid for by now, also the xilisoft apps are good, again google it, and if you use torrents, then the xilisoft all products torrent works like a charm with the dvd copy express working on some dvds that decrypt and shrink would not.

paddaricko, Jan 6, 8:42pm
Some good info on this site http://www.doom9.org/

crash-hdd, Jan 6, 8:44pm
Www.doom9.net .

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