what else is there instead of lime/frostwire?

rayza59, Jan 6, 4:57am
What else is there instead of lime/frostwire? please...

flewy, Jan 6, 4:58am
Use for legal purpose's please. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peer-to-peer

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 5:01am
To do what? Since I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions about what you're downloading, how about some indication of what you're trying to do?

rayza59, Jan 6, 5:08am
Load up my ipod songs i no longer have on cd..,thats too much.Got a head-ache reading the 1st paragraph:)

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 5:12am
CD shop iTunes store, amplifier.co.nz, digirama.co.nz.

ladeda, Jan 6, 5:15am
You mean free MP3 downloads? Sorry, can't tell you, it would breach all sorts of rules to discuss it on a public messageboard.

rayza59, Jan 6, 5:17am
Ladeda i won't tell anyone you yold me...

rayza59, Jan 6, 5:19am
Sorry told not yold.

0800xford, Jan 6, 5:24am
[Xx.] your butt hole . your butt hole in prison O

snookim, Jan 6, 6:37am
Http://music.download.com /

jmpcwiz, Jan 6, 6:54am
Torrents for full albums Legal ones of course :P

swivel, Jan 6, 7:12am
Lol http://tinyurl.com/nl3yt

rayza59, Jan 6, 7:33am
Swivel very funny..ALL of the songs on my ipod are legal.I was looking for older stuff that can't be bought anymore.Have tried tm & others

swivel, Jan 6, 7:37am
Hmmmm good on ya, Buy them from an online store (Coping off your own cd's still fall under the breach of the law)

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 7:38am
No it's not you can legally format-shift music in NZ. Just not videos.

orkses_is_great, Jan 6, 10:22am
EMule shoot me now.

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