access to user manual;

5425, Jan 6, 4:57am
Access to user manual; GPS navigation system. model "foryou PNV402".My vista home basic will not access the user manual. A similar computer with vista home basic using Adobe 7 will.any ideas??.

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 5:00am
What version of acrobat/pdf reader do you have? You've left out some kinda crucial information there ....

5425, Jan 6, 5:04am
Adobe 9

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 5:06am
Any error messages or other information? Where is the manual from - a CD or the internet? If it's on a CD, can you access the CD? If on the internet, what's the address?

flewy, Jan 6, 5:08am
Try foxit

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