More "RAM" (Memory)

us109, Jan 6, 8:30am
More "RAM" (Memory) HelloI want to upgrade my Ram from 512MB to 1GBWhere can I go on my computer to look up what type of Ram I already have on my computer so I can order another 512MB so that I can have a 1GB

laj3, Jan 6, 8:33am
Google your tupe of computer thats how i found it not very hard.

0800xford, Jan 6, 8:34am have a good scan that will tell you. failing that you could run an app called 'cpuz' or 'siw' among a few others.

r.g.nixon, Jan 6, 8:35am
Try the freeware program SIW tells you lots of things about your computer including memory & motherboard (the ones you want)

cpg, Jan 6, 8:41am
The surefire way is to remove the existing RAM and take it to a shop and get them to supply more RAM. You can use the free "Everest" or "Belarc" programmes to identify your existing RAM but If you don't know how to remove or insert RAM then there is no point in using them and you should take your PC to a shop and get them to do it. You must have an old PC if you only want to move up to 1GB, so you need to be careful that you buy the correct RAM.

us109, Jan 6, 9:20am
More "RAM" (Memory) Thanks cpg

I have noticed from your feedback that you have brought several items from "sharaz1" that

jmpcwiz, Jan 6, 9:42am
Oh no! Goodluck with Sharaz1

snoopy221, Jan 6, 9:46am
Intel Celeron: 2.4GHz Pretty big bottleneck there. Upgrading from 512 to 1024 will help-depending on what you find slow. The celeron cpu's only have a small cache and that IS a bottleneck. Keep an eye out on trade me for some DDR ram and perhaps a Pentium cpu...IMHO..

snoopy221, Jan 6, 9:48am
My pet *Under the hood* program...LOL Aida32

cpg, Jan 6, 9:53am
"sharaz1" gets bad press on here because he has inflexible post-auction rules that buyers sometimes ignore. He is one of TM's top sellers, it's his living, but buyers expect him to accomodate to their wishes. Most of his negative feedback is from people who don't live in Auckland. I live in Auckland, and I have no problem with him because I collect my goods in person from him. If you bought your PC from him and had no problems then e-mail him for more RAM, reminding him of the actual PC you bought from him so you get the right stuff. Can you install it yourself OK?

deodar, Jan 6, 10:30am
If you want one This is a good one.

us109, Jan 6, 10:35am
"sharaz1" gets bad press on here because I have no problem with the computer what so everIt

lostdude, Jan 6, 10:48am
Aida32 & Everest are one in the same. Everest being the latter version of Aida32.

cpg, Jan 6, 10:57am
His contact details are on his website;

us109, Jan 6, 11:05am
Thanks "cpg" I will send him an email and ask for the extra ramWhen I brought the computer I made it clear that I would like more ramBut at that stage I couldn

drcspy, Jan 6, 2:21pm
Odd statement: "You must have an old PC if you only want to move up to 1GB".....why would that be ? perhaps they run xp and 1gb is all they need ?

us109, Jan 6, 3:15pm
"drcspy" Well it

us109, Jan 6, 3:15pm
"drcspy" Well it

us109, Jan 6, 3:17pm
"drcspy" Well it

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