is dvd -r same as dvd-r /rw

Is dvd -r same as dvd-r /rw trying to yous nero express on vista and its asking for dvd-r/rw

geek_karl137, Jan 6, 9:58 pm

Dvd-r/rw = either dvdr or dvdrw.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 10:00 pm

No -r / rw R = read only
RW = read and write.

geek_gbbrot, Jan 6, 10:58 pm

R = recordable RW = ReWritable

geek_pc_nut, Jan 6, 11:09 pm

What I meant which I didn't express very well, is that the OP was asking if dvd -r is the same as dvd-r /rw. What I should've said that the software is asking for EITHER a DVD-R, OR a DVD-RW, so yes, a DVD-R will work. I was translating (badly), not saying that R=RW.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 7, 1:17 am