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ammcats, Jan 6, 8:32pm
Which Case!?!? http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=361100 VS http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=346585 Need a lot of hard drive baysbut 4 extra bays in exchange for quietness.. what to do?!?!

kevin16, Jan 6, 8:34pm
Wwod ? probably not spend that much on a case,......

ammcats, Jan 6, 8:46pm
I dont mind Money isn't really a issue...

jmpcwiz, Jan 6, 8:51pm
I wish I could say that :( Personally, I like the Silver one over the black. Just my colour preference :P

deodar, Jan 6, 9:18pm
The Cooler Master mid tower-5bays Fans & good power supply,designed 4
air flow.Just keep Windows Shopping.

ammcats, Jan 6, 9:22pm
I dont need a PSU and am not really interested in another Cool Master case, haven't had the best of luck with them

mrfxit, Jan 6, 11:18pm
4 plus more hdd's = sepperate hdd box = nat storage maybe. 3 hdd's in 1 case makes plenty of noise & heat as it is.

baker-assoc, Jan 6, 11:27pm
The PC-A71B looks a better case IMO

tracsportsbar, Jan 7, 12:10am
What about this? lots of bays :) http://www.xpcomputers.co.nz/views.asp?hw_id=3230

cheap too

pcgeek, Jan 7, 12:51am
if money isn't a problem, how about going watercooled?

ammcats, Jan 7, 1:06am
I have thought and looked into water cooling a number of times, but part of me just cant trust water running around my baby...

cybertao, Jan 7, 1:18am
I've always wondered if you can use alcohol instead of water.

0800xford, Jan 7, 1:31am
alcohol[vapour]+heat+power = big boom?

ammcats, Jan 7, 1:40am
As a professional bartender who specializes in flaming cocktails i would have to say, yes, yes it would = big boom!!

ammcats, Jan 7, 1:42am
Placed order Lian Li PC-S80A (Classical Silent) ATX Full Tower Case, Silver

Zalman CNPS9700 NT, CPU Cooler (Just to finish the silent system)

cybertao, Jan 7, 1:47am
Alcohol has a low freezing point. So you can keep it very cold, and the very cold is then very good at absorbing the heat. You would need a cooling unit to drop the temperature in the alcohol, but you need a big reservoir or radiator to keep water at room temperature, and it has to be pumped through the system faster.

cybertao, Jan 7, 1:48am
And if it leaks, such as by blowing a connection, alcohol doesn't conduct.

0800xford, Jan 7, 1:49am
olack could be keen to try it out =p

ammcats, Jan 7, 1:49am
Surly There must be a really good reason why you cant use alcohol otherwise it would be the norm...

cybertao, Jan 7, 1:56am
It wouldn't be as cheap or easy. you would need to refrigerate the alcohol below room temperature to take advantage of it. But there must be ways to do it. Jaycar have Thermoelectric modules ( http://www.peltier-info.com/info.html ), perhaps they would provide enough cooling if you put heatsinks on them.

0800xford, Jan 7, 1:57am
interesting, my pre-google opinion would be cost of a: alcohol b: cooling apparatus [all and sunder]. but there are way more reasons why not to use alcohol.

cybertao, Jan 7, 2:03am
Distilled water is obviously the cheapest and easiest way to go, but it's not necissarilly the best. If out to impress and overclock parts as hard as you can, look at and consider the alternatives. One problem I can think of using cold coolant, is the possibility of condensation if the temperature gets too low.

0800xford, Jan 7, 2:07am
pc case meth lab...

cybertao, Jan 7, 2:11am
Another idea is to refrigerate the whole box Then you can keep to using air, but it would be more efficient. You could keep the box sealed, so no air vents that noise escapes from, and no fans on the case. So also no dust build up. You just need a quiet method to dissipate the heat you're drawing from out of the box.

cybertao, Jan 7, 2:12am
*obviously, you would still have a CPU and GPU fan inside the case...

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