laptop problem

dr250xz, Jan 6, 8:23pm
Laptop problem i have a toshiba satellite pro 480CDT, now when i turn it on it goes past the toshiba logo then comes up with kbc error does anyone no what that means and can i fix it ? cheers

shrapz, Jan 6, 8:25pm
KBC is keyboard connection error. Do you have any external devices plugged in? external keyboard or mouse?

tptrader, Jan 6, 8:25pm
A simple google will tell you it's a keyboard gonnection error. Google it and have a read about possible solutions.

tptrader, Jan 6, 8:26pm
Connection lol

dr250xz, Jan 6, 9:16pm
Thanks guys na dont have anything connected to it i have just takin keyboard out and cleaned and put it back in and its still doing it, so keyboard must be buggered

rz_zone, Jan 6, 9:21pm
Umrestart it?

dr250xz, Jan 6, 9:28pm
Have restarted it afew times now still does it had a look on google tryed some things with no luck says thou to reset bios, prob is i cant as keyboard wont work is there anyother way i can reset bios ?

got2bin2win, Jan 6, 9:33pm
External Kb perhaps.

dr250xz, Jan 6, 9:39pm
Tryed a external one that didnt work either lol think i might just take it upto the computer man lol

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