GENTLE WEB SURFER: Heed This Warning!!

horojo, Jan 6, 9:27pm
GENTLE WEB SURFER: Heed This Warning!! Do Not Go To TArantulas Dot Com!!! when i want there a tarantula came out of my compact disk drive and it wa Extremely RUDE!!!

rhys.m, Jan 6, 9:29pm
Damn those rude tarantulas that come out of your compact disk drive. You better be hooking me up with some of that LSD you just took.

baker-assoc, Jan 6, 9:31pm
Better not go to a Giant Evan might come out of your floppy Disk :O

horojo, Jan 6, 9:32pm

flewy, Jan 6, 9:43pm
A general invasion

deodar, Jan 6, 9:58pm
What does a Rude Tarantula say? Oh No,the live real time Evan I
know is a certified Psycho,on the
loose.If he has more delususions of
grandeur("the quality of being large
or impressive;magnificence")ARRGHH.
I'm emigrating.

drcspy, Jan 7, 3:17am
Oh NO........that horojo is a total TOSSER..hope they go back to the general board and STAY there.....what a dipshit......they obviously have NO life at all and like to mess around on the MB making up RUBBISH ........what a LOSER.

0800xford, Jan 7, 3:28am
*voted* *voted* general this is not.

drcspy, Jan 7, 3:37am
Good idea VOTED ! .

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