changing default applications for mac?

morrisman1, Jan 6, 10:56pm
Changing default applications for mac? i want to make vlc the default media player for .mp3 files on 10.5.6 rather than using itunes because i dont always want to add a song to my library (im really fussy about organising my itunes library, all the songs are sorted into artist and album on the harddrive first before importing!) so because vlc can play files without importing to a library i want osx to use this whenever i open a .mp3 file. how can i change the default from itunes to vlc?

gibler, Jan 6, 10:58pm
Google is your friend

morrisman1, Jan 6, 11:11pm
Ok thanks but that only changes that file ive now found that it can be changed in the 'get info' window and theres the option to change the global default. its all done now

soodanim, Jan 6, 11:19pm
Open with you should have used..."open with, choose program...then tick "always open this type of file with this application" (or something similar) that then changes the application for that file type not just the one file you chose.

soodanim, Jan 6, 11:19pm
Oh crap it's a mac...going back to sleep now....

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 11:25pm
Why don't you tell itunes not to organise/copy your music? Then when you "add" it to iTunes it's just adding an entry to the library and leaving the file intact.

dunedin_ree, Jan 6, 11:26pm
BTW right click - open with - other should be self-explanatory from there.

morrisman1, Jan 7, 1:03am
When you do the 'open with' method the computer doesnt recognise it globally, but just for that file. i dont want it in the itunes library cause i sync my ipod from that and if i open a file off my flash drive and it adds it to the library, it really stuffs it up when i sync. the only music in my itunes library is the stuff organised by artist then album on my hard drive

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