is it possible to

pcmaster, Jan 7, 1:01am
Is it possible to make one of these yourself? or is it easier/cheaper just to buy one premade?

0800xford, Jan 7, 1:03am
you found a use for all those bit 'n pieces aye ha ha =p

pcmaster, Jan 7, 1:04am
Yep something like that.

0800xford, Jan 7, 1:15am
/ins applicable time:money:inclination:ability ratio =]

cybertao, Jan 7, 1:40am
Dead easy Get a motherboard, processor, RAM. Put an embedded linux on it and you're away laughing. If you want more than 4 drives(harddrive, 3xcdrom), just add a controller card. With the power the cheapest processors have these days you could have it do encryption and compression on the fly. Imagine backing up 20gigs of data by copying it, and the box receives the data at the full network speed, starts compressing it, and starts burning each 4gig volume to a DVD as soon as it's ready. While still receiving/compressing the rest of the data.

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