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urbanrefugee54, Jan 7, 3:38am
Infected usb help please .. partner is not happy, as I bought a 2nd hand 8gb usb, & it seems it might have a worm - is it possible to clean it & how.. he's running avg now to try to stop bugs..

drcspy, Jan 7, 3:39am
Yeh so ? do you get the idea it 'might have a worm' ?

jmpcwiz, Jan 7, 3:52am
Just go to My Computer, Right Click the USB Drive, and select FORMATNotice, this will remove all files/documents/virus's that may be on the USB drive.

vtecintegra, Jan 7, 3:55am
If the trojan has spread onto your PC the device may just be reinfected next time you plug it in (I recently had this with an infected SD card). Do a full scan on your system.

urbanrefugee54, Jan 7, 3:57am
Partners computer first had new device message, then message that usb only had 2gb available [he thinks & message didn't stay very long]& then partner got a message on his computer saying 'access denied' then he got a message from his virus checker saying he had picked up a worm.. he didn't have any windows or other programs open at the time ..

0800xford, Jan 7, 3:58am
so there you go, 6GB of files are on the drive and it contains a worm. format the thing.

urbanrefugee54, Jan 7, 4:06am
Will the worm spread to my system.. when I plug it in to format it??

r.g.nixon, Jan 7, 4:07am
Do what said use a malware eradicator, most antivirus program won't see it. Use Spybot Search & Destroy. If you don't have that, go to & get their antimalware program - scan with that, restart computer in Safe Mode to scan.

r.g.nixon, Jan 7, 4:08am
Yes it will run immediately most computers are set up to autorun certain file types when attaching removable drives (USB or CD/DVDs)

drcspy, Jan 7, 4:08am
So..the virus checker that gave the message that he 'had picked up a worm' what program was that ?...and it would have stated quite clearly exactly WHERE that 'worm' was.....and it should have either deleted or healed or quarantined it.....the program will also have a log file which will tell you all this somewhere......

urbanrefugee54, Jan 7, 4:22am
Worm was .. quarantined.. wormautorun.m & avg was the one that did..

drcspy, Jan 7, 4:23am
Well if it was quarantined then it's gone....

urbanrefugee54, Jan 7, 4:29am
That is the one.. on his computer.. I still have an infected usb :(

0800xford, Jan 7, 4:30am
your question has been answered.

pixma, Jan 7, 5:02am
plug it into all the computer's you know of, lol. Format it, done....

swivel, Jan 7, 6:53am
Check your PC for a DIR called RunAuto. A real Pain to get rid of, (I still have the dirs, as I can't remove them). Just created another account to use the PC (Format is NOT an option).

0800xford, Jan 7, 6:59am
is this like the one you had recently swivel?

mrfxit, Jan 7, 7:53am
FFS you have ALREADY had the correct advice To format the usb stick, BUT .. (& it's the bit everybody missed) IMMEDIATLY after plugging the usb stick in to a usb port, HOLD down the "SHIFT" key for about 10 seconds. This will temporaly disable any software (bugs included) autorun functions that MAY try to startup because of the new device (usb stick) being plugged in.

mrfxit, Jan 7, 8:06am
swivel Try "prevx" . .done the job for me a couple of times including a "hidden" bug

swivel, Jan 7, 8:14am
Mrfxit Tried everything, It's not in the Registry and just have the dir's I cant remove (tried heaps), But by creating anothe user it's not there, So slowly setting up all the Programs and will delete the old account (someday). I had alot of help here a few weeks ago with it.

mrfxit, Jan 7, 8:38am
1 of those bugs I had to deal with Disabled the task bar/icons & a few other things but the main point was Nothing in the way of std bug hunters etc could find it or even give me a name to work from, but the "prevx" prg found it/ named it & promptly deleted it.

mrfxit, Jan 7, 8:39am
Like 1 mouse said to his mate looking At the cheese in the trap "hey it's worth a crack"

swivel, Jan 7, 9:28am
Lol yep i'll give it a crack tomorrow

lostdude, Jan 7, 9:50am
Only once have I come across a worm on a flash drive. As soon as I plugged in a mate's flash drive, NOD32 stopped the worm in it's tracks. Just scanned & cleaned it with NOD32 & it was gone for good.

pcfix4u, Jan 7, 10:11am
Make sure you have hidden files shown. These bugs love shared drives and folders, so if you have shares to be safer un-share them. I had one of these on a customers flash drive. Just plug it in to PC copy data to a pc minus the hidden bug, then format and re-scan flash and pc. Also run Ccleaner, malewarebytes.

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