Help with printer anyone???????

hereiam1962, Jan 7, 6:31am
Help with printer anyone??????? my pcs windows vista,i have an HP deskjet F300 all in one series that i went to install but the cds saying it isnt compatible with vista,have looked at HP website but so far havent had much luck anyone got any ideas? tia

0800xford, Jan 7, 6:33am
choose your model and download [ ]

deodar, Jan 7, 6:36am
It needs the drivers See if you can download them.

pcfix4u, Jan 7, 6:43am
You are on to it oxford. You help a lot of folks out. You will give heavy metal a bad name.

richms, Jan 7, 6:46am
I just plugged my old HP in and it worked on vista with the inbuilt drivers.

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