Widescreen videos/TV ??

jean-anna, Jan 7, 7:59am
Widescreen videos/TV ?? My parents have just got a new basic TV. It is 4.3 ratio I think you call it or something like that. When I set the dvd recorder to widescreen setting my Jonathan Creek dvd picture appeared elongated on the TV screen. However, when I changed the dvd recorder setting to 4.3 the picture appeared like a widesreen picture with black lines on top and bottom and the picture was in proportion :) So far so good! However, I downloaded and epsode of Coronation St. put it on disk and played it on the dvd recorder. This time though the picture appears elongated when recorder is set on 4.3. When I play this video file on my PC it is not elongated but picture is in proportion and there is black line across top and bottom like a widescreen picture. Can someone tell me how to get the coro st. disk to play on the dvd recorder and TV without being elongated? Do I need to convert the file format or something? Any help would be apprecated. :)

richms, Jan 7, 8:05am
Not all dvd players will handle anamorphic videos well. That is why lots of people resize the images to square pixels when encoding AVI files - on the flipside, some players will scale whatever they are playing to fill the screen since non-square pixels were never well supported and to give a user interface to correct it will just leave people confused.

jean-anna, Jan 7, 9:23am
Ok. Thanks very much. Not being so computer literate I'm just wondering if that leaves me any way of converting such a file I download so it will not be distorted when I play it on the dvd recorder.

biggal, Jan 7, 8:58pm
Very good article on the subject at http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/
816460/1294889 The site may be down for maintenance

richms, Jan 7, 9:32pm
Converting it means decoding, scaling and re-encoding, so there will be a massive hit in quality.

If the dvd player is not letterboxing for you and you have set it to letterbox 4:3 for the TV type then I would suggest taking it back as faulty, and going in with a dvd with several movies in varying aspects and pixel ratios and seeing how they play.

jean-anna, Jan 8, 3:48am
Thanks for the tips I've set it to both 4.3 and then to 4.3 letterbox. But the picture is elongated still on both settings. I was wondering if it might be more the tv that's the problem. My father wanted a real bargain so he got a Sanyo CRT el-cheapo from Warehouse. Maybe it's just not up to it? The dvd recorder is a Panasonic which I think is an okay brand usually.

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