Combing two partitions into 1

missyone, Jan 7, 9:42am
Combing two partitions into 1 I have a 80gb hard drive on the desktop, it came partitioned with two 35gb partitions and 4-5gb for the recovery crap. Is there a way to combine the two 35gb partitions into one 70gb one, without me having to back up? One of the partitions is empty. Any advice would be appreciated. Using XP Home.

kevin16, Jan 7, 9:44am
EASEUS Partition Manager just finished doing a lappy with it, works well,..

hakatere1, Jan 7, 10:13am
Or Gparted live cd fast and above all, safe:

pcfix4u, Jan 7, 10:23am
Better still re-direct you docs to the spare drive by right click on MY Documents/ Properties / move. It pays to go to the spare drive and create a folder called MY Docs, that's the folder you re-direct to.Then you'll have more space on C Drive. If you are learning to partition I would back up first.

missyone, Jan 7, 11:36pm
Thanks everyone is tried the easeus program and it worked easily and did the job right. So thanks everyone for your help it is very appreciated.

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