Business accounting software

crypton, Jan 7, 10:08pm
Business accounting software I'm looking for cheap or free! small business software for a business with less than 50 products and around 250 customers. Any suggestions?

0800xford, Jan 7, 11:39pm
not only is it satisfying to be a smart arse but it answers your question too [ ]

pcfix4u, Jan 7, 11:46pm
Cash book complete is worth a look you can trial it and its around $300.00 for life. If you have accountant ask them whats best, they might say MYOB, if you are the accountant,,, forget I spoke, I use cash book complete, very happy with it, I use it for invoicing and customer contacts and data. Just Google cash book complete.

kevin16, Jan 8, 12:10am
Ask your accountant as you will have to export data in a form to suit what he/she uses,.. usually myob or pascal,...

computer_repair, Jan 8, 12:20am
Cashbook Complete wins my vote and is so easy to use. It's only $250.00 now. Visit the creator of the software:

crypton, Jan 8, 3:54am
Thanks I'm about to get the cashbooks trial software

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