i need some suggestions

I need some suggestions could any one suggest any Categories for my forum, it probly gonna fail but hey somfin to do in my spare time :) http://talkinshit.forumotion.net/

geek_ljt666, Jan 8, 1:39 pm

Hmmm, dont think i'd vist a forum bout poo

geek_flewy, Jan 8, 1:40 pm

Retheres sumfin 4 everyone or u can suggest a catergory

geek_ljt666, Jan 8, 1:42 pm

i like that skin! but an expletive in your url is poor form. maybe LOOK at some other boards for ideas...

geek_0800xford, Jan 8, 1:42 pm

Re.. well what do suggest i change it to

geek_ljt666, Jan 8, 1:44 pm

Its your forum use ya noggin.

geek_flewy, Jan 8, 1:44 pm

as above, and learn to spell.

geek_0800xford, Jan 8, 1:45 pm

One topic could be spelling

geek_kevin16, Jan 8, 1:45 pm

windup/ip harvesting...

geek_0800xford, Jan 8, 1:45 pm

Well i'd have a guess and say OP is all of 15 years of age.

geek_flewy, Jan 8, 1:46 pm

Re.. ffs computing thread always gotta put ppl down :( get ova the spelling i cant b bothered writing full words

geek_ljt666, Jan 8, 1:47 pm

Which shows how 'slack' you really are, bet you finish before the hand too

geek_kevin16, Jan 8, 1:48 pm

Re..if you dont like this why are u all on my site........

geek_ljt666, Jan 8, 1:52 pm

Haven't gone near it voted,

geek_kevin16, Jan 8, 1:55 pm

You should try general or opinion, they talk s^*t all the time,...

geek_kevin16, Jan 8, 1:57 pm

Rethanks kev yous arent all hopeless :( modrate tht bit*es

geek_ljt666, Jan 8, 1:59 pm

Diversify (sub-)headings "Gaming" should include 360, Wii and PC, whether you have a prejudice or not. "Computer" should do the same; Windows, Mac and Linux sub-headings. And "Music" could be genre based/current favourites etc. You need to encourage direction in your topics, otherwise people feel too restricted or uncertain about the appropriateness of a post. Try using correct, or at least consistent, grammatical techniques. Choose if the first letter is capitalised, or the entire title, or not, just don't have a messy mix of all three. Encourage chat, not just your (no offence) awkward posts that don't encourage feedback from the user. Immediate requirement for registration can be a downer as well as people just won't be bothered in initial cases. Hope that kind of helps you get some ideas working.

geek_qfamily, Jan 8, 2:04 pm

Re.. thanks for that but to me the way it is setup it will interest younger peoplebut yea i agree

geek_ljt666, Jan 8, 2:08 pm

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