ADSL Router

ADSL Router Evening folks, i'm looking at replacing my current router with a Billion BiPAC 7100S. Does anyone have one? Any complaints/info that I need to be aware of?

geek_executor1, Jan 9, 10:57 pm

Billion?? never heard of it, ya pay for what you get. Get a brand, a nice linksys would do the job.

geek_tom9, Jan 9, 11:46 pm

Billion were highly rated it's several years since I've heard them mentioned at all. Just don't get D-Link. Most other brands should be OK.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 9, 11:55 pm

Yup buy a modem-router 2 in 1 model dont ever buy d-link and try and buy these brands they are the worlds best. us-robotics.-3com . linksys

geek_intrade, Jan 10, 11:02 am

LOL Nothing wrong with D-link. Have a look for Thomson 585v7 model. Classes as one of the best at the Moment

geek_swivel, Jan 10, 11:04 am

Heard of billion Only know one person who's got one but it's been running for a long time so they can't be that bad.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 10, 11:43 am

Cant go wrong with a bullet proof Dynalink RTA 1025W. Don't confuse dynalink with Dlink, they are totally different in terms of quality

geek_willz29, Jan 10, 1:57 pm