missing auto start for canon printer..

urbanrefugee54, Jan 11, 9:40pm
Missing auto start for canon printer.. [Thank all for the help on the usb & it's now formatted & safe].. printer is a canon 4550 & the computer is ME .. yes I know it's old - but it's not connected to the internet anyway.. recently I have started using color instead of the large black cartridge, & possibly resetting the defaults?? has altered my auto start & stop. I've tried system restore, no go.. the annoying thing is that I set up our canon ip3500 to enable it - but can't remember how ..

drcspy, Jan 11, 9:42pm
Whaddya mean ? "has altered my auto start & stop."?

urbanrefugee54, Jan 11, 9:47pm
When I would send an item to the printer - it would automatically turn on & then off after certain time if it remained inactive.. sorry but I'm lazy..

drcspy, Jan 11, 9:56pm
Ah just go into controlpanel/printers and right clik the printer icon then clik properties and have a look and a fiddle with the options

urbanrefugee54, Jan 11, 11:52pm
I tried that.. & it doesn't give that option, I've been searching for the setup disc.. tried online & will see it that one works..

urbanrefugee54, Jan 11, 11:56pm
From memory.. these setting could have been dos based.. have the book

soodanim, Jan 11, 11:59pm
Hmmm all my canons have that option in the properties....under maintenance

urbanrefugee54, Jan 12, 1:15am
In the book.. it's accessed throught the setup utility program.. which is dos based

soodanim, Jan 12, 1:48am
Well do it thendon't know why you don't have the setting...it's been there for every canon I've used/seen under the maintenence tab but the PC's i've used have been xp or vista. So did you install the printer from the setup disc

urbanrefugee54, Jan 12, 3:21am
The printerhas been on the computer since new & yes it was installed via disk.. of which I can't find, am still looking in the hope the disk will 'appear'.. have shifted, but I thought I had all the discs together..

soodanim, Jan 12, 3:26am
Hmmm what do you expect the disc to do? The option is either there or not.

soodanim, Jan 12, 3:29am
So control panelprinters, right click your printer, properties, maintenance tab...there is no auto power option?

urbanrefugee54, Jan 12, 6:32am
Alas there is no maintenance tab..

urbanrefugee54, Jan 12, 6:34am
Have been searching files.. to try to find the dos based one.. not sure where it is or how to get to it..

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