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gime1, Jan 13, 7:28am
Printer help i have a canon mp140 printer.yesterday i replaced both the black and colour cartridges.printed a page and today i have tried to print something and its telling me the colour is empty.its a refilled cartridge.i havent had any probs b4 when i have changed them.any1 else had any problems with theirs?

gasaxe, Jan 13, 7:37am
I've never had a canon printer but with epsons, the chip on the cartridge needs to be reset. I bought a resetter for about $20 which fixed the problem.

bruiser, Jan 13, 11:05pm
Settings Look under your START button - Printers and Faxes button, then right-click on your printer description, click PROPERTIES, and then click the MAINTENANCE tab. There will be a button in there to select which tells the printer which cartridge you replaced and to reset the ink counter.

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